Santa’s Elves off on Stress Leave


For years now local retail stores begin the holiday sales earlier and earlier. The same goes for other events throughout the year, but I feel that Christmas takes the cake. It’s no longer a time for giving, but more of a time for spending. It’s become almost a contest: Who can out spend whom. And it seems that people always like to know how much you spent. If you’re lucky, you might get the famous “wow!” if you really racked up a high bill.  This is something that I’m now used to. I only watch how much I spend and I also block out the ads and sales until we get closer to December.

How much are you looking to spend and do you have that special person you need to get the perfect gift for? Expect another high stressed Christmas season folks. Running form store to store, kids crying for every toy they see, and of course no parking and long lineups at the cash register.

Even with all this chaos I have to admit, I do enjoy the decorations in that malls and city streets. It keeps the spirits high for me and makes me forget that its freezing outside.



One thought on “Santa’s Elves off on Stress Leave

  1. True, except the stores also start on their sales earlier so you can always hunt down a good deal. Besides, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift. I think people really appreciate things that they know you have put a lot of effort into. Bake some Christmas cookies that can double as tree ornaments! Tasty and fun.
    OR you can do it the Russian way and give people gifts on New Year’s eve instead. You get the Boxing Day deals that way…along with sore feet, ruined shoes, and potentially a black eye. I suppose there are two side to everything.

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