Office Work: Overrated Real Life Story


Most people, not all, but most want to work in an office environment. I’ll admit that it is easy to just sit there and work from a computer. You don’t have to grind it out in a more physically demanding environment. You get a nice desk and chair and work away. Not to say that your work is easy, but on the body it’s a lot less demanding.


Some of the downers is that we risk putting on excess weight. Yes from what I see, most office workers are a little  or just outright overweight.  Next it can be boring working in an environment where you hear nothing but typing. The silence can drive you insane. People watch your every move, when you come and go, who you hang out with and what you’re doing at your desk.  Which leads to office gossip. And the last thing I can think of is escaping. Escaping from that one co-worker who likes to talk your ears off. They may make a trip to your desk and never leave. They just don’t get the hint. So remember, yes working in an office has it’s perks, but it has some real downers.



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