Sir! your card is over here…


Once upon a time, most guys had no problem asking out a girl. It was easy to be the first to make the move, know when to drop their childhood toys and even speak up for themselves. Guys now a days seem to be giving up their man card. Which I will explain in greater detail.

What I stated above is a small example. The many things guys were able to do on their own is evaporating and the pool of guys who still have their man card is shrinking. What’s going on? Is their some sort of phenomenon occurring?

I tend to point fingers at social media, the internet, parents sheltering their kids and of course television.

Girls are known for growing up much faster than guys. But they seem to be taking over many of the roles guys have been known for. For example they are more direct, aggressive and initiate the first move and take the lead. Its nice that the opposite sex isn’t sitting on the sidelines. But its just interesting how things have changed. This is a much broader topic, so next week I’ll post part 2. So what are your thoughts? Have guys really givien up their previously held roles in society?


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