Looking up from the microscope


As you get older and enter the world of adulthood, you begin notice that your friends are getting married.  Next thing you know- the babies are popping out. The parties where you and all your buddies once had begin to fizzle. Now, whenever you find the time to get together there are children running all over the place. This is part of growing up….

What if you’re one of the few that didn’t get married or have kids? Or even better you’re single. Single and still searching for someone to to be with. This is all fine if you’re okay with it and some people enjoy the freedom.  But the people around you may see things a little different.  They begin to wonder why you haven’t settled down. Are you being too picky? Is there something wrong with you?

Sometimes that person can’t help being single. It’s just how things turned out for them. They may in the end find someone, but they shouldn’t be placed in the spotlight for everyone to analyze. Please don’t interrogate them or make them feel out of place.  It’s hard for some people as it could make them feel lonely or out of place. It really sucks. So if you know someone in this position, please don’t put them under the microscope.


3 thoughts on “Looking up from the microscope

  1. I agree with ya’ll. Life does move fast. However, at the same time I think that if you have made the decision to remain single or not get married and/or not have kids you should stand by your decision. People will have something to say no matter what you chose to do in life. The best thing you can do is remain true to yourself. Only you know what will make you happy.

  2. petitechoux

    This is definitely the story of my life right now. After breaking up with my long term bf 7 months ago, I’ve become acutely aware of how ALL of my friends are getting engaged, married or thinking about having kids. It sucks :-/

  3. I agree 100%
    I really love this post. The exact thing has been on my mind lately. I opened my fb account while in high school and I have seen the many changes happening yearly. People breaking up, getting back together, not talking… blabla. We see everyone’s life change through pictures. Suddenly, people graduate college, get a job, form a family and its crazy.

    i don’t know where i am going with my comment but this post made me realize how fast life moves.

    thanks for posting 🙂

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