Is this parking spot taken?


One thing that can drive someone crazy is being in the car with a friend or family member during the holiday season and searching..searching for a parking spot that is the closest to the main entrance…Why because you might freeze to death on your way to the mall?

This is one thing that has always driven me crazy. Parking close to a mall entrance is, I have to admit, almost impossible to accomplish during the holiday season. But did you ever consider the time lost while searching? With all that time lost I’m sure if you parked further away you would have already been inside and made your first purchase. But no, you continue to drive around in circles, sitting in one spot idling, looking like an idiot just so you can get a spot closer to entrance.

Besides, there are issues and/or hazards when parking too close to the entrance. For one, the traffic getting out of the mall can be dangerous. If you park further away, you can walk past all those cars trying to get out, get into your car and leave a little more easily. Another risk is having your car damaged from all the heavy foot traffic coming in and out of the mall. Someone who is in a rush might open their door a little more than they have room for and leave a dent on your car. The last reason I can think of is being that creep who is following every person and asking where they’re parked. Do you really what to be that person?

My advice is when you’re doing your shopping for this holiday season: just park your car, if it’s a further spot, so what just take it. You need to consider all the time lost and the pain you’re causing yourself and the others that are with you.


One thought on “Is this parking spot taken?

  1. Oh, I totally agree. I hate everything about shopping during the holiday season. And people just drive like nutters to boot. Parking at the mall is treacherous. I am trying to do a lot of it on line. 🙂

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