A Pixelated love Triangle


Have you been given crap to put down the video games when the girlfriend is over? Fair enough, when you have company over it’s rude to be engaging in activities that don’t include entertaining your guests. You do want to spend time with them and you can always play your video games later.


But what if she wants you to give it up completely? Sell it off as if it’s just a children’s toy. Is that fair? Some of us guys just like to have it around, we see it as a hobby. We play video games when we have free time and just don’t feel like going out. Also just so you are aware: these are not children’s toys!

It’s pretty annoying when you have a girl over and the first thing she sees by you TV is a gaming console and begins to question you. As if it’s the biggest threat. This is something guys likes to do in their free time and should not be interrogated. Just let it be and if you notice they’re on it 24/7 and ignoring you, then you have a right to complain. But please don’t just judge a guy because he likes to play video games. We’re just big kids inside.


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