Baby Strollers on the Loose


Baby strollers in today’s world come in all different sizes and with any number of unique features. Features that, I swear, didn’t exist when I was a kid. You could easily slip your child inside and you were off. Today parents have a vast variety to choose from. They have covers, dual seating, cup holders, mid size and large size, and compartments where you can put your groceries, just to name a few. It’s incredible how this simple idea has changed, not to mention how expensive it has now become.

But this discussion isn’t about how the stroller has evolved, but how they are everywhere and the amount of space they can take up. Have you been on a public transit bus that was full and a parent comes on board with a baby stroller? Which is fine, but when it’s those oversize ones where you could fit the whole family- it drives me crazy. The worst is when the child is acting up and shouting and you have no place to move. And can we just talk about how much of a mission it is just to get off the bus when there is stroller block the way. I’ve even been to events where they have a disignated parking area. From a distance, I swear, it looks like a sea of Mini Coopers.

They can be a nuisance to deal with in crowded areas- that’s all I’m trying to say. Today’s strollers aren’t like the small, basic ones I’m used to seening. It’s hard to get used to and you usually forget about them over time. But it all comes back when you get stuck inside a crowded bus or subway train.


2 thoughts on “Baby Strollers on the Loose

  1. Agree. The solution? Parents should just use a baby sling. That would solve all the issues. Either way, use an umbrella stroller, it’s much smaller and lighter to move around

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