A Million Wondering Eyes at the Gym


Have you been at gym working out and had that feeling your being watched? While there are others around you, you may have that feeling people are watching your every move. Though at times it can just be in your head we all know we are being judged to some degree. Those who are very insecure about their phsyical appearance may feel it the most. Why can’t we just workout without worrying about the wondering eyes?

The gym to me is like a circus. There is such a variety of people we see. The muscle heads who come in there just to pump out a few heavy weights and while doing so have to make all sorts of noises and then drop the weights just to get attention. We have the gym rats who are there all the time and never take a day off. If they don’t work out they might die. We also have the ones that come in for a bit and don’t work out at all. They may go on the bike for 5 minutes, then lift a few light weights and in 20 minutes they leave. We have the ones who have their ear buds on and sing, fogetting there are others around. But my all time favorite are the ones coming to fulfill their New Years resolution. Which will last…say 3-6 weeks and eventually you’ll never see them again.

The gym is an interesting place where you will see all sorts of people. Big or small, short or tall. But no matter what you look like if there are people around, most likely your being watched. If you’re there please try not to stare and if you already don’t- good for you. A lot of people don’t like the wondering eyes, it makes some people feel unconfortable. But that’s the life at the gym, if you’re there the best thing I would recommend is just to block it all out.


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