There’s a Vampire Party and Twilight is not invited


Twilight, is a well known movie and I can bet most of us can’t stand it. The film industry finally released the last of the bunch,  thank god. Though I’ve heard rumors they want to add more to the series. I for one can’t stand this movie. It’s an embarrassment to the vampire genre.  The romance is not something I’m looking for. Wait, let me be more specific. A vampire falling in love with a non infected human and has a kid with….really? I’m a little old school and I like the movies where vampires are causing havoc and a hero gets sent in to clean up the mess.

In Twilight the main actress looks dull, has no life and looks miserable even when she’s happy. I’m not a fan of the romance and when did vampires sparkle and glisten in the sun? These are not the typical things we see in a vampire movie and I hope this comes to an end. When will we see the rise of Blade again or any other great vampire movie from the past? I feel since the rise of this terrible movie other franchises have taken a step back.

This cash grabbing juggernaut Twilight is not slowing down and hollywood will keep it alive as long as possible. But we need to see other vampire movies return. True fans of the vampire genre don’t want to see Twlight as the only vampire flick. I hope one day this changes and we see some real vampire movies on-screen. Let me know what you think and comment below.


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