Why I love the police.


robocopWhenever the subject of law enforcement comes up people usually start expressing (and passionately I may add) their unhappiness with the police officers. In those situations I always keep my mouth shut. I, for one, have a wonderful relationship with police people. I think they rule, in fact.

First of all, my walk to work has been rudely interrupted by construction which is forcing me to cross over the street TWICE and mind you, there are no lights. So the police officers working there pretty much prevent my death by stopping the traffic and walking me across the street.

On top of that, they always wish me a good morning which actually really cheers me up. I mean, I just got out of my nice warm bed, it’s minus a 100 degrees outside, the sun is not even up yet and I’m going to work. But the officer’s “good morning” always puts me in a better mood. That and the thought that the poor guys has to stand outside in the cold for 8 hours while I go sit in front of a computer in my nice warm cubicle…. My life’s not so bad after all.
That’s one example. The second is the mounted police. They are the best. The always let me pet their horses. Also, I usually get completely entranced by them so I tend to walk into things… like trees, poles, other pedestrians. It’s not my fault their horses are so gorgeous. And they always look at me like “I understand. My horse is pretty handsome. I’d do the same”. And then they let me pet their horse… I love horses.
And the best part: I have jay walked, multiple times, in front of police cars. As in here I am, casually breaking the law and dashing across the road. I turn my head to make sure there are no buses coming when I see a police car slowing down to let me go. All they ever do is shake their head like “you should know better”. I suppose the look absolute horror on my face makes them think that if they write me a ticket I may pass out. And they don’t want to deal with a passed out person. So they shake their head and drive on. Point is, police officers rule. As long as you’re not like killing someone. Then they tend to be kind of rude and put you in handcuffs.


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