All Aboard the Train Wreck: Facebook


Facebook SucksFacebook has been the central hub where you can keep in contact with friends, share photos, thoughts, organize events etc. It has been around for years and has grown dramatically and changed for better or… worse. Worse in my opinion. But its there and we can choose to join it or not. For those who are on this social media train wreck I’m sure you’ve have to deal with those who need to express themselves.

The attention cravers who need to tell the whole world what they are doing and how they feel. What drives me crazy are the people who actually respond to their posts or like them. It just fuels the problem even more. We can choose to hide the post or ignore it all together, but it’s there and can be every annoying.

Another issue I encounter are the software additions or social game invites from others. Those come around a lot and if you don’t tell Facebook to block invites there will be nothing stopping them. Farmville anyone?…. But it’s not only games or apps. Next on the list is the ads and likes coming with them. Now, this is something you can’t hide or avoid. They are in your news feed and it takes up a lot of space. Isn’t there a better way to do this? I just ignore them and avoid clicking on the likes. Finally, the last of my top 3 most irritating things about Facebook is that every app or program you use wants to link to your Facebook account. Anytime you want to use a program or access a site, you are always faced with the option of adding it to your Facebook account. Do I really want to share my top score in Pac Man?

I could go on forever and cover other things such as companies asking for your password, your character being prejudged, casing relationships to crumble or even stalkers. But I just wanted to share some of the irritating things that comes with Facebook. Though I do believe it’s on its way to becoming like MySpace. A cluttered mess and eventually will be replaced by another social media site. But for now until the next one takes its place, it will be the front runner. So what bothers you most about Facebook? Are you on it or once a subscriber? I want to know your thoughts. Don’t be shy, share it on The Daily Grind and click like on the article.


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