Love the Fresh Smell of Smog


don-cheadle-captain-planetGlobal warming or climate change isn’t something new. It’s been in our faces for sometime now and is becoming more of a major issue as we see the planet changing. But why haven’t drastic changes been taking place? And why are we still using this old technology such as gas-powered cars and coal? This is such an outdated technology and needs to go as we are killing the planet and everything on it.

But we have been pushing slowly, and I mean, slowing towards renewable energy. It’s there but it’s not being pushed fast enough. Yes, it can be expensive,  however isn’t that normal with new technology? Once it becomes bigger and grows it, like everything else, becomes more affordable.

We, first, need to cut down our own consumption of gas and find alternatives for transportation. Another thing is that countries need to stop the oil companies from expanding and providing them with subsidies. This does not help us in reducing the carbon going into the atmosphere. To make things even worse they continue to make record-breaking profits and are pumping out more oil than ever before. This money should be directed to newer and better technology. Time is running out. We keep hearing that we have until 2020 before it’s to late and there are others who state that it’s to late to go backwards.

It just drives me nuts how the developed nations are taking very little leadership and tip toeing towards renewable energy. Meeting after meeting and giving excuses that climate change isn’t real or we will lose jobs. To me, its complete crap we can create jobs and when was science ever doubted? Science is one of the driving forces in improving society. Anyways, this topic is huge and I could go on forever. I just wanted to touch a bit on the subject. Let me know again what you think and hit the like button below.


2 thoughts on “Love the Fresh Smell of Smog

  1. I think this is an incredibly important subject for the contemporary society. Personally, I think we need to start looking to communities of people that we tend to refer to as “uncivilized”. It seems to me that those are the people who know how to treat nature with respect and not overuse. This is the problem with capitalist society: thinking only about the emmidate gratification and individual gain. People need to snap out of it. You’re screwing it up for all of us.
    Imma start a revolution.

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