The Superficial Merry-go-round


0Growing up is an experience. We are exposed to so many things which help shape us into who we are. Some of it coming from sources such as television, magazines, the internet and even the movies. But what are some of the repercussions of that? Does this mold our way of thinking when it comes to physical attraction towards to someone else? I would say absolutely it does and it impacts us the most when we are in our teenage years. But it doesn’t completely go away when we are adults. A bit of that carries over. But what does it really do? For instance it creates an image on what we feel should be attractive. Weather that be someones height, a specific race, body type, etc. and in turn we look for those. It also eliminates your chocies. The more picky we are the smaller the selection.


But how fair is this really? Well you can’t really blame a teenager on acting on this. They are young and still developing mentally. But this is inexcusable for adults. However some of us continue to aim and search for that perfect person the mainstream media has created in our minds. If for instance someone can have an amazing personality, but if they have dark hair that would eliminate them. What makes me mad the most is when that person complains that they can’t find anyone. Advice: Stop being so picky! Guys are worse when it comes to this, they need to find the girl with the perfect body. Women on the other hand are not so bad. They tend to aim for more personality. But overall it’s still a problem.


I believe their should be some attractiveness. But what the individual has to offer is what matters most. But it’s hard to see past that with the media constantly bombarding us with what should be seen as attractive. We need to be a little more open-minded and look past all the minor details which searching for someone. Otherwise you’ll be searching for eternity for that perfect person. It’s impossible. Physically and even mentally we all have our flaws. It’s a fun dream, but at some point in our lives we need to wake up and be a little more realistic.

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