Make More Pay Less: How NOT to Fix the Job Market



The job market s in a very rocky state. We see many employees loosing their jobs, taking pay cuts and more low wage positions appearing. The work force is taking a major hit as more is being taken from the workers by big companies. On the other side of the fence we see companies making record-breaking profits, receiving tax breaks, outsourcing, ignoring workers rights and of course paying their employees as little as possible. As you can see the balance is clearly not in the working classes favor.

I wanted to bring this up as it makes me angry how we see this all happening in front of us and very little is being done. How can the economy become healthy again if the average working class citizen is continuously getting screwed? More people are struggling to keep up with their bills. At times some can barely afford basic necessities. We now see more of us falling deeper in debt as borrowing has increased just so that we have some extra spending money. But with the ridiculous interest fees that are brought on by the credit card companies. We are taking longer to pay off our credit cards.

All in all it comes down to greed. The people at the top are giving themselves large salaries, paying less taxes and if nothing works out they get an exit bonus paycheck. It is amazing how things have become so unbalanced. As we see the more people speaking out against their employer about their wages. More unions are striking to get a fair contact with their employer. With the way things are in 2012, it looks like people are becoming more vocal. They want to make noise and let the people at the top that enough is enough. But we can’t do it alone. We need to all come together and keep pushing for basic things. Such as a fair wage.


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