What ever happened to Goonies 2?!


thCAQD3ES8The Goonies, a movie well-known to those who grew up in the 80’s or are just into 80’s nostalgia. It’s one of the great movies from the past, such as: The Breakfast Club, Back To the Future, Beverly Hills Cop, Fast Times in Ridgemont High, Revenge of the Nerds etc. Its aged well and you can watch it with the same enjoyment as you did in the past. As it’s still able to bring out your inner childhood and for those who haven’t seen this movie I would highly recommend you watch this as soon as you have a chance.

Its directed by Steven Spielberg and comes with an all-star cast such as Sean Austin and Corey Feldman. For those who don’t know its an adventure/comedy film where a couple of kids stumble upon an old pirate treasure map that was stored away in the attic and decide to go look for the gold. Yes it sounds cheesy, but its full of surprises trust me. The main cast runs into all sorts of trouble along the way and each of them have a unique personality to keep you entertained. In the end they find the treasure and it’s a happy ending like most movies, but it doesn’t leave any room for a sequel. The Goonies was loved so much that a sequel was being demanded by the fans. So where is it?


There was a Goonies 2, but for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Which was only released in Japan. It was garbage and had a terrible story. But it kept many of us wondering when will we ever see Goonies 2 come to the big screen. Rumors surfaced and back in 2008 I believe and it was announced that the sequel was a go. Then in early 2012 the production was on hold because the director didn’t want it to go straight to DVD. Movies companies were afraid that it wasn’t going to make millions…like crappy movies like Twilight. But since then, I haven’t heard anything. So I’m assuming it’s not happening….?


Maybe Hollywood is keeping the us in the dark and will surprise us with a teaser trailer. But I’m crossing my fingers and hoping one day we’ll see the Goonies reunite. There have been other sequels, some good and bad for other 80’s movies. Like Tron 2, Lost Boys 2, and other rumoured sequels might be on the way. Hell, Bill and Ted might be coming back! It seems everything is coming back. It’s scary because Hollywood could ruin it, but sometimes it’s nice to take that chance and see some old movies return. So, I’m still waiting…Where is Goonies sequal!!


24 thoughts on “What ever happened to Goonies 2?!

  1. I mean it cant be that hard to come up with a Great Story,Bring back the Originals Cast.Like Brand & Andy are Married,Data is still Creating Inventions,Mouth is a Comedian & Mikey is still living in the same House,Married with Kids.Mikey hears stories about Mermaids or something bring back the gang for anothe Adventure.Plus the two bad guys the Fretalles are out of Prison,Mom died,But her dyning wish,Was her two sons to get back at the kids who put them in Jail.See i made a story in just minutes,Not saying its good,But why can’t someone just Write a good Script & get this movie made?

  2. Anonymous

    I would love to see the second one. Loved the first. My 6yr old asked me what my favorite movie was and The Goonies is the it. So now he wants to see the movie.

  3. Anonymous

    …The GOONIES was directed by Richard Donner, genius. However, if you wanna get technical, Spielberg did direct 2nd Unit footage. Mostly he served as Executive Producer. I’m an actor and spoke with Sean Astin personally about GOONIES 2 late last year, and he swears up & down it’s gonna get made, all of the original cast will return and Spielberg & Donner are 100% behind it. It’s all a matter of getting a good enough screenplay made and convincing Warner Bros. it’s a worthy investment. Which of course it is. Pretty much every long time coming sequel released in the last few years has done very well, good or bad. How can these blockheads at WB not see that? Who hired these clowns anyway? Get it done before it’s too late and they’re too old to return! Hell, just seeing Feldman back on the silver screen would be awesome in itself. And Brolin has done wonders with his career as of late. And he’s all for it! Come on already!!

    • When did you talk to Sean Astin?So hes saying that it will happen?Any guess?I mean it cant be that hard to come up with a Great Story,Bring back the Originals cast.

      • MICHAEL

        Yeah, I appeared in a made for TV movie starring Sean Astin called “Adopting Terror” that was made late last year 2012. I worked side by side with Sean and made sure to talk shop with him about GOONIES II being that the original is my all time favorite childhood movie. He was refreshed to be getting hit up about that for once rather than The Lord of the Rings, which he said he’s constantly hounded about. Anyway, I had heard a rumor that he himself was petitioning in public to get the movie made in an effort to convince WB that the fanbase is still going strong. He laughed at that and said not true, but he damn well should.

        Sean later went on to say that a script has been written and settled on after many drafts & writers, and actually it’s pretty similar to your rendition (minus the mermaids from the G2 video game) and involves everyone getting back together for an Astoria reunion and their kids all meeting and going on some crazy adventure together. Something about the museum Mikey’s dad was the curator for and they find something there. Sounds kool to me! He went on to say that ALL of the cast would return (save Momma Frateli & Sloth, whom are since deceased.)

        Sean assured me that it will happen, and that they are all onboard and excited about doing it. And that includes Dick Donner & Spielberg. Even Josh Brolin was hit up by about it during an interview for another movie that he did and he also said as much. You can find that interview on YouTube. Just look for it. Easy to locate. Sean says the ONLY thing standing between them and the fans is WB. But they are trying to convince them, and believe they will win them over soon. I hope to God they’re right about that. But Sean seemed confident.

        Also, in an effort to demonstrate the fanbase’s existence, they all got together to make a short documentary called “The Unofficial Story of the Goonies” to celebrate the movie’s 25th Anniversary which they all celebrated in Astoria. That I picked up immediately after it was released because it was very limited. Try finding it now and it’s almost impossible. Maybe on ebay. But anyway, at the end of that Donner talks GOONIES II and basically says exactly what Sean told me, and actually promised the fans that they will get G2 made. God speed Mr. Donner. We’re all with ya’.

        So yeah, man, keep those fingers crossed. There is hope. Having the opportunity to speak with Sean about that and urge him to keep trying was an honor for me, and I knew I wasn’t speaking to him about this on only my behalf, but on behalf of all of us fans that want that movie in our collection. And not some cheap direct to DVD and never gonna be on Blu-ray sorrty excuse of a sequel just to shut the fans up. But an honest to God mainstream semi-big budget in theaters across the world sequel. Then and ONLY then will it be proven once and for all that “Goonies never say die!!”

  4. Anonymous

    I believe the sequel is currently being rewritten for release in 2 years! 🙂 here’s hoping for another classic! X

  5. Ashley

    I would like to see the goonies 2 movie made I love the first one I grow up watching it and my dad also likes the goonies his favorite is chunk and I wouldn’t mind if they make the another movie because I think theirs a good adventure still left and it would be cool to see it put out there and see what the goonies fan would think of it.

    • I know same here, but since they wanted it to go straight to video it’s not happening. Ill be posting a followup blog sometime soon. Its in the works, but its taking sometime

  6. Mike

    I would love to see a new one. The last i heard Mikeys father dies and the whole gang show up in Astoria for the funeral. Mikeys dad being the museum curator still has a bunch of stuff for Mikey and Bran in his will. Some of which is still considered the stuff the museum rejected . Hmm maybe another map or som thing of that sort.

  7. Do you know how many goonie fans would pay to see the next gooines? So it would definately be worth it to release it here in America. I know that I would buy it just to have it with the first one!

  8. I love ‘The Goonies’; I can’t count how many times I’ve watched it. Having said that, I’m not sure I want a sequel. Part of what makes the original so great is that there is only one. It’s kind of like a rare diamond.

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