Can’t take a hint? Well please stay by all means


Do you know someone in your life that comes over and just doesn’t know when to leave? You throw multiple hints and it doesn’t phase them one bit? They like to talk all nightpeople-pest not even ask if it’s okay with you. Or even have any consideration that you may have something important to do in the morning. I’m sure most of us have a have experienced this situation. It doesn’t happen all the time. But when it does it’s the it’s the worst and for some reason time itself decides to just slow down. Throughout my life experience I know of one person in particular who was notorious for doing that. They would just sometimes show up and want to hang out. Which was fine, but then they over stayed their welcome, things took a whole new twist.

Keep in mind you that this guy did it to a number of people I know. So when he was not around it became a group discussion. We all complained and discussed how we kept throwing hints at him, but it never seemed to sink in. So how are we going to solve this problem?… Well I decided to have a talk with him on being a little more considerate when they stay over at a friend’s place so late. They had to be aware that other people may have work and you can’t stay over until 2am. Which is far. They agreed, but this was short-lived. You see the problem of being to nice is that we tolerate a lot of bullshit. So for those who speak up and are not afraid to let it all out. Good for you. We need more of you in this world.

After our little discussion he didn’t stay long and left early when it was a work night. So things were looking good. But then within a month or so it all evaporated. They would just show up unexpectedly. One time we had guests over and he just showed up and walk in… since the door was unlocked. Everyone who didn’t know him was wondering who this person was and what he was doing over? But my all time favorite scenario was when we were all heading out and just gathering on the drive was he happened to be coming by. Slammed his breaks, reversed and blocked the driveway. The last incident that comes to mind is when we started to distance ourselves from him. He was calling one night and we didn’t pick up. So he sent a text and said he was coming by. I remember racing home and turning off all the lights and we saw him pull up. He waited for a bit, called and after 5-10 minutes he drove off.

It sounds bad, as if we exiling him. But it wasn’t really like that. I spoke to him, we all invited him over, but he never knew when to leave. Unfortunately because he became a pest we eventually stopped inviting him over. We just could not take it anymore. Even going to his place would be a problem because he wouldn’t let you leave and you would end up spending the entire day with him. Please understand it does sound bad, but for those who have been in this situation I’m sure you totally understand where I’m coming from. There’s just so much you can take and when that person just doesn’t understand you have to cut them off. I have lots of stories about this individual which I will share later. Have you had to deal with a friend in the past which never would take a hint? Let us know, comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t take a hint? Well please stay by all means

  1. JimBobGrinder

    Why yes: when I’m staring at the computer screen, not looking at you, and I just keep saying “Uh huh…..” “…..right…….” and “Oh….” in order, please continue to keep talking to me.

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