You Makin’ Me “Latté”


Shopper-Drinking-CoffeeI hate mornings as much as the next person. But you know what I really look forward to? My morning coffee. You know what else I like in the morning? Buying my coffee, so don’t bother persuading me to home-brew.

Before I go into work, I stop into the local cafe for my morning drink. And when I walk in, there can be two things that jolt my senses: the smell …… and a lineup.

Now here’s the thing: I wouldn’t mind the lineup in the pre-Starbucks world. Remember that? The most complicated order was probably 4 regular coffees.

Nowadays, if there are four people in front of me, here are the orders: latte, latte & cappuccino, three lattes, and another damn latte. Each one of which takes about 2-3 minutes to make. If you’ve done the math, this has added 14-21 minutes to my morning. Thanks.

You know what I want? A coffee; one damn coffee, which takes all of half a minute to dispense, serve, and exchange money.

To all those who have ever added twenty minutes to something that would’ve taken me thirty seconds to do, may you find a long line up at the company photocopier, each and everyday.


6 thoughts on “You Makin’ Me “Latté”

  1. lilypetal91

    I work as a barista and most mornings are a blur of lattes, mochas and “ah can i get a decaf skinny latte one shot instead of 2..and hmmm what flavour shots do ye have?” by the time a customer comes up and just asks for a coffee I want to lean over the counter and kiss them! 🙂

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