Working Retail, my true love story


Going shopping can be fun for some and painful for others. But one thing that we all have in common is that we can’t stand is being in long lineups. Lineups sometimes are uncontrollable. There are just too many shoppers to handle at times . So we can’t blame the people working the cash registers. But what about those large retail stores? Who have 10 or 15 cash registers, but only have 3 open on a busy weekend? What is their excuse.


I’ve worked in retail a long time ago. Sometimes I would be working the floor and other times I would be assisting the cashiers. It didn’t happening much on weekdays, mostly just to cover someone who need to go on break. But there were other times where I had to assist because we didn’t have enough people working the registers. This would be a pike of shoppers in the late night who decided they were bored and needed to get out and buy something. Lineups would grow, customers would then start complain and yell at the people working . Asking why do we have all these registers, but only have 3 people working.

I wanted to just say something back at them, but of course didn’t because I would loose my job. But if I did say something back those few seconds of joy would feel amazing. So back to reality I had to give a bullshit of explanation which of course they didn’t buy. But what else could I do. Now these are just weekday incidents. They were much milder compared to weekend costumer spikes.

When weekend costumer spikes occurred, you would hear ten times the amount of people bitching. Babies would be wailing as they themselves could not handle being the never ending lineup of doom. Sometimes 1 customer would get us to call the store manager and unload on them right in front of cashiers. Why? Because we were running only a few people on the tills while there were 6 or 7 sitting there empty. The manager had majority of people on the registers, but need 2 or 3 people to cover 15 departments.


These retail giants need more staff on the weekends. They shouldn’t have a problem as many of them have morning meetings discussing the millions in profit they made over the week. Just to squeeze in more profit they make us consumers suffer. Of course the employees get an earful unfortunately. But that’s life in retail which I can put behind me. And now when I go shopping and the line is longer than the Great Wall of China all I say is later and I’m out of there.


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