Welcome to Bagel Land


398143511_8168720879Bagels I have to say are amazing. They are round, doughy and have a hole in the middle (Not sure why), but what ever they amazing and you can add anything to it to make the experience even better. Even just having a plain bagel and something on the side, such as coffee will suffice. If you go out to buy one sometimes you are surrounded by a variety of choices. You have chocolate chip, garlic, cheese, sesame seed, whole grain bagels just to name a few. But what is the secret to making these taste so good?

The answer? I have no idea. I never looked into them. I just used to, I repeat used to eat them. Only because I noticed that I was putting on weight. Also I was having 1 every morning. So unfortunately I’ve stayed away from them for years. I learned later on that 1 bagel is equivalent to 4 slices for bread. Which is a lot now when I think about it….


This also explains the small weight gain and don’t think whole wheat bagels are better for you. Because it’s not. It’s still sugar and your body may want to store some of that goodness. So I guess if you have it once in a while it’s okay.


But I wanted to bring up this. Though not a major topic of discussion, it’s just interesting how you can find bagels everywhere. Not just the grocery store, but also at fast food restaurants and coffee chains. You will see them having breakfast meals or just adding them to a combo. So as you can see they are very popular. So enjoy and if you haven’t had a bagel yet. What are you waiting for? They taste amazing. Just don’t enjoy it too much.


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