The Condo Baby Boom


Depending on where you live there has been a spike in condo development.  Everywhere you look they’re popping up. You can’t escape it. I’ve seen construction occurring non stop for about 3-4 years now. Everywhere I turned there was either a sign of future development or the digging had already commenced. It was at first nice see some of the old, decrepid buildings be torn down and some of the old parking lots removed. But then I notice something. There was no slow down. More and More cranes started to pop up. More glass towers began to sprout and dwarf the smaller office buildings. Then I realized…the condo boom was well on its way.11255229-cartoon-winter-construction-town

At times it just terrible walking around in the city. You have to pass so many sites where trucks are driving through. Kicking up dust, loud equipment going off, mud water everywhere, walking through these pathways for safety reasons so nothing falls on your head… It’s just ridiculous. I swear sometimes they are going to start building condo in alley ways,  just to squeeze them in where they can. When can the city or parts of the city look like it’s not being torn to pieces?


Well I don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon as I just saw a news article stating that they don’t have enough units to meet the demand. Yet, I hear the opposite that so many units are empty. I believe that’s caused by how expensive they are and less and fewer people can afford them. So until someone picks them up, those units are going to remain empty. But it’s interesting how these units are expensive, and yet continue to get smaller. Some of them are so small I can’t image anyone living in them. Is this so that the they can maximize profit? Well it can’t be to help reduce costs because it continues to rise.

But besides condos why aren’t we seeing stores, parks, office buildings or anything other than condos being built? Where are people suppose to go or do or work for that matter? Its nice and all, but in the end people are not going to just sit in the place, smile and look out the window. I hope eventually I see some other things being built here in the city.  As this is getting out of control…


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