The World Flipped Right Side Down…


Cartoon-fightI never though I would ever see the world in such a state as it is now. It is almost as if the perfect storm has brewed in 2012. It seems like the world is in chaos as we see so many problems occurring all at once. From witnessing the effects of climate change, workers rights under fire, protesting all over the world, government corruption, corporate greed, bullshit/needless wars, world economies in a state of crisis and the list continues.

Let’s start with the climate change debate which I swear has been going on since I was in grade school. This issue is not new and we have been warned more times than I can remember. But our ways of living has changed very little. We still see oil widely used and it continues to grow. With more oil and coal being burned more CO2 is trapping the suns heat in the atmosphere. Resulting in rising temperatures, more powerful storms, melting ice caps, crops being destroyed, acid rain and the list goes on. Green energy technology is around, but it’s not being pushed enough to make a real global impact. Where I live I should be seeing snow now. But when I look outside it looks like spring…It’s raining and it’s not even that cold outside. I’m sure the neighbours are just dying to use the snow blowers that are just collecting dust in the garage.



Workers are under attack as corporations are handing more employees the pink slip. Even some CEO’s are bankrupting their companies and cashing out on bonuses. Yet they keep pushing for more tax cuts from the governments. They even love using the scare tactic by stating we will bring in more jobs. Only because they know that jobs is one of the big issues on people’s mind. Even some politicians are trying to push laws to bust unions. They love telling the public that unions are destroying jobs and if we remove them, more jobs will come. The thing is, is that they don’t want to pay employees decent wages. They want to pay us a little as possible and get away with it. Meanwhile we see so many of these companies sitting on mountains of money. They also love to see workers fighting almost each other. Private vs public , or unionize and non unionized. It’s only to help the big companies get stronger.

We now see more conflict going on the other side of the world and because of it, it feels like the whole world is on edge. As if a planet is going to erupt into all out war. With countries like China and Japan staring down at each other, it makes you feel kind of nervous. Not to mention all the conflict that is occurring in the Middle East and the tensions between Pakistan and India. If something does erupt its going to be ugly as these powerful nations have a very powerful military force.

Countries where governments have taken austerity measures are seeing more people protesting in the streets. We see unrest taking place in countries like Spain and Greece as the people are fight back the government cuts. There is also rise of unemployment as there seems to be less jobs available. Leaving people with no money to support their families. Some people are lucky are looking for work outside their own countries, but others have no choice. They stay back and continue to march in the streets.

The world is a mess and I don’t think things will be setting down anytime soon. But I do know that this not last forever. It’s just that things are going to get a lot worse before we see things get a whole lot better.


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