The Quiet Heros


There have been many mass shootings througout time. Many of them taken place in the U.S. With so many lives lost by sick individuals whose state of mind was not right. They want to be heard and in doing so they want the innocent to feel their pain and frustration. Sadly, events such as these don’t seem to be slowing down.


 This year in 2012, I feel like there have been more of these horrific evetns. Some small and others devastating. The most recent is the school in Connecticut. Where 20 children and 8 adults have lost there lives. Children had their whole lives ahead of them. Adults who dedicated their lives to teach these kids. All gone…

So when is this going to stop or when will something will be done about it? This is not the first school shooting we’ve heard about. There have been many others over time. But did it have to be this type of massacre to initiate change? Sadly it may have, as now we are hearing talks finally occurring. Let’s hope that it’s not just all talk. We need change. Without change we cannot move forward and grow.

As for the person who did this. They will be forgotten. No one will talk about them. The people who we will always be remembered are the ones we’ve lost and those who put their lives at risk in the face of danger. They are the brave.

They are the real heros.


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