The 80’s Will Never Die


There are a number of all time favorite decades. One of them being the 80’s. The love for that decade has never really died actually. But in recent years some of the 80’s culture has just exploded. What is driving this phenomenon and why was it that good? In my opinion hell yea it was good! Well that’s coming from someone who enjoyed it as a little kid. I didn’t experience the party life or anything like that. I just experienced some of the movies, music, but I loved the cartoons and video games.


However, as time went on I wanted to revisit the 80’s. This is now maybe in the late 1990’s when I was listening to the radio and heard some old songs that I remembered as a kid. From that point on I was slowly began creating my own personal 80’s archive.

There is just something about the music that was produced back then. It just so catchy, full of energy and innovative for that time. There was a variety of artists back then who had their own style. With very few “copy and paste” type artists. Musicians were also more innovate and took risks. This allowed many of them to appeal to a larger audience. Look at the music videos. Many of them just didnt have a band and sing in front of a camera per say. Some used blue screens, computer effects etc. It was risky at time as all this was new technology. But they did it and that’s the important thing.


We also see a many of the old cartoons making a come back and I’m not talking about the new ones. I’m talking about TV stations replaying them. As well you can get them off the internet. The only problem is some of them have aged bad. You might even notice a lot more mistakes and corny lines. But it’s all good. Its so bad its good! They are back and not left in the past to be forgotten.


What about the movies from the 80’s? Not the sequels or reboots ect that are coming out now. I’m talking about the availability of the movies. You can get them all over as they are reborn in Disc, HD or Digital Download. They are not forgotten as some kids that were born 10-15 years later can pick up a copy of Back to the Future.

Of course we have the fashion, which is everywhere. Such as the T-shirts that have a logo or phrase from a past TV show or movie. Which may have some people who were not familiar with 80’s culture interested. Well like I said it’s a strange phenomenon and I don’t know when it will start to die down. But I guess for the time being many of us are just suck in the 80’s.


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