Obsession with the End of the World


end-of-worldJust a few more days left until the Mayan Calender comes to an end and so does the world. Sure it is…. But why is this making such big headlines, though 90% of us don’t believe it. We’ve been hearing this for a few years now that the world end on December 21st 2012. It’s also interesting to how this random date was selected by the Mayans.

I know certain things come together to make this event occur. From what I heard it’s pretty ridiculous. But forget about the Mayans. I think we’ve all heard to much of this from the mainstream media. But what about other past predictions? The ones in 2011, 2003, 1999, 1996, 1843 and so forth. It’s either something catastrophic is going to occur, or some religious event. But there is no solid evidence. It’s all in our imagination or something that has been created by someones personal investigation.


But why are we so obsessed with the end of humanity? We should be concerned about progressing and improving ourselves as a species. But it’s because we don’t know how everything will really end. We don’t even know the beginning. We have theories, but none of really know how things will really turn out. Though I have to admit Hollywood has come up with some interesting ways to how humanity falls.

Have you even seen for example: Mad Max, Terminator, Deep Impact, Armageddon, Water World, Book of Eli, The Walking Dead? Each of these have humanity struggle for survival. We see how society breaks down and are fighting amongst themselves or a new foe just to stay alive. But I guess its entertaining and in a sense to see how we would go about handling these situations. Not to mention we find them in books and video games. So there’s many ways to get out doomsday fix.


By making this available through entertainment we can see how we unite with others, strategize, our determination to find hope, and of course how do we survive. It really gets us thinking. However, some people have actually taken this to a whole new level. They have Doomsday Preppers on TV. They get to show everyone what is required if society breaks down.

The world is not going to end, so go out and enjoy yourselves. But if you have an itch to see the end of humanity. You have plenty of movies, books, and video games to choose from.

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9 thoughts on “Obsession with the End of the World

    • I wonder when the next doomsday prediction is going to pop up. Apparently theres another Mayan calender. I really dont care. Im just going to go drink some beer after work and enjoy life 🙂

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