The Teacher Dilema


teacher_cartoonMost of you have at least heard about what’s happening with the teachers in Ontario right now. The bill that the Liberals are trying pass has been wreaking havoc on everyone who has anything to do with elementary and secondary schools: students, teachers, parents, etc. In today’s world, when the majority of the individuals find themselves in a bit of an economic pickle, it’s easy to understand why the people with fairly high wages and lots of time off will be targeted first.

However, let me just point out that teachers don’t make nearly as much as the politicians who are trying to infringe on their rights do. Besides, from what I heard the two year wage freeze was never a problem for the teachers. What ticked them off was the government taking away their rights (going on a strike is a right, fyi). Because if you think about it, once they take something away from you, it’s unlikely that you will ever get it back, first of all, and second of all don’t Canadians pride themselves for having high standards for respecting the rights of the people who live in this country? So why is it all of a sudden O.K to start infringing on those rights?


And another thing that drives me crazy, is when people talk about how easy teachers have it. A relative of mine is a teacher and believe you me, her job doesn’t end when she leaves work. There are student assignments to mark, lesson plans to write, report cards to finish, parent teacher interviews to attend. So before you start complaining about how much time they have off, why don’t you try and do what they do. Also, before you start bashing the teachers about how easy their jobs are, consider the teachers that lost their lives in the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut recently. Still think that’s an easy job? Would YOU give up YOUR life for the people you work with? And if you think that what happened at Sandy Hook is an exception, consider that in almost every classroom there is a special needs kids. And since most of the special education programs have been cut, teachers who are not trained to deal with kids like that have to learn how to manage special needs kids along with the other 2o students that they have in their class.

And finally, can someone please explain to me why it is always the little guys that get hit first? How about we freeze Harper’s wage for two years? Better yet, how about we make him give some of his fortune to schools so that students can have usable textbooks, so that elementary school kids can have new and clean carpets to sit on and so that we can have better security systems so that nightmares like Sandy Hook don’t occur here.

Just something to think about….


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