Looking back at 2012: Just Politics


2012 is another memorable year for me. Not for mainly for all best things that havethCA3EA4O5 happened to me personally, but more for the roller coaster of political events that have been occurring throughout the world. It almost feels like everything is just being thrown into your face. Either through social media, television etc. It’s was almost impossible to get away from it all.

I’ve been watching a lot of U.S politics (Big mistake…) and from the outside, it looks like children are running the country. Both parties are fighting constantly, they are all bought out by the corporations, and they seem to never come to an agreement. The Republican party seems to be pretty interesting and not in the good way. Everything I hear from them I shake my head. They can’t be serious. And who are these tea party people? They can’t be serious with their ideology…there just so many interesting characters this year.

The US. election that took place seemed to be a circus. It was unbelievable of all the things that were occurring during the campaigning. All smearing, lying…. I’m so glad it was over. I tried my best to ignore it. However, when I did see some coverage the 2 parties seemed to be talking about the same things over and over. I swear it was like the PVR was on repeat…


Next, I see so many greedy rich people unable to accept and pay more taxes. They are all crying foul and complaining. They must be experiencing financial hardship. Poor guys. Well, how do they think the infrastructure will sustain itself. This is too much and guys are even hiding their money in other countries. How much money do people really need? The middle class is already shrinking. It’s unbelievable.


Employment are disappearing as more jobs get shipped overseas. As they claim they can’t afford to pay their employees more. However, just recently Steve Jobs yacht was taken away because it was not being paid for. Yes he’s gone, but he still had enough money to by the thing. My question is how are these guys buying toys like these and yet claim they can’t afford to pay us more. They are already sitting on top of a mountain of money.

If you live in Canada, it’s another mess here as well. If you live in Toronto, it’s a good old fashioned Politian theme park. The Mayor Rob Ford is always in the news. Almost daily for something riduculous he’s stated or has done. I highly recommend you look into this. Its entertaining I have to admit. Unfortuantly it’s embarrising for the city.

As for Europe, they are in a mess themselves as well as Asia.

So many interesting people in politics. Specifically in North American. But for 2013 I need to work harder on blocking these people out. As I feel like my IQ is slowly melting away. Next up on Looking back at 2012 – These Poeple Still Exist.


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