Preparing for the Winter Blues?


winter-bluesChristmas is now wrapped up and New Years is just days away. But what happens after? Next we have January, February and March the most depressing months of the year. Even if you plan a small getaway or enjoy some drinks with your friends. It just doesn’t remove that depressing feeling that these months bring. If you live up north its a lot worse. Where it colder, less daylight and lots of snow. It just keeps you locked indoors where the clock just seems to slow down. But being creative and focusing on your personal goals should help reduce the winter blues.

Think about the positives. You get to avoid the people you don’t really like spending time with. I’m sure there are a few people in your “circle of friends” you don’t really like and tolerate when everyone gets together. What perfect time to hide then now. It could be the best 3 months of your life. If they call or text, just tell them you have the flu, your busy or its to cold or just don’t message them at all. You might be able to even lose contact with them during this time.

You can improve your personal health. If you have a gym membership or able to work out at home. Go for it. Just push past the first 3-4 weeks so that you know your not like those people who had this as their new years resolution. You can really improve your health over these 3 months. Also you’ll be ready for summer when it comes around.Workout-Cartoon

Improve your drinking tolerance. Considered a lightweight by others. Well head over to your beer/liquor store. What better way to increase your tolerance by pushing your limitations. Can only handle 3 beers? Well try 4 or 5. Also you can try variety of drinks and discover new brands and tastes that you’ve overlooked in the past.

Single over the holiday season and want to start dating again. What a better time to start. With less things going on after new years as things are a lot slower. It should allow you to really put some time towards that area. Not saying that its impossible during the summer for example. It’s just easier, that’s all.

Of course how can I forget work. Sick of your job and just dying to get out. Now is the time to start preparing. Well, I don’t think there will be a lot of postings right after the holidays. But you can start updating your resume and start looking around. See what’s out there and what areas your are interested. Hate your boss and your work, well what better time to start looking. So when the time comes you’ll be ready to apply.


Strapped for cash and need to recover after all that Christmas shopping. Spend more time and home. You can save so much money and even pay off any outstanding debit, just by going out less. When spring and summer comes along you can enjoy yourself. So use the weather as an excuse to stay home and save some cash.

Well here’s some advice if you’re bracing for the boredom that’s just around the corner. If you have some advice to share lets us know in the comment section below and hit the like button


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