Single-hood how I hate thee…at times


20130102-003438.jpgBeing single has its benefits I won’t lie. It allows you to find yourself, lets you discover what you really want in life and let’s you grow as a person. Of course who can forget, you get to do whatever you want. This process does not take a few months, but it could takes years. You cant rush change. Though, when you do get to that point you just know it and its a good feeling as yourself confidence emanates from inside.

The only problem with this is eventually the need to be with someone lurks in the back of your mind. The evil single Gnome is at play. It sometimes really likes to let its presence be known. Then there are times it just seems to relax and not be so bothersome. But it’s there. But as age creeps up on you, being single begins to pick at you. We start to question what we want. Marriage, companionship etc. So what is triggering this off? Maybe it is age or is it something else?

I could name a few things that may be the root cause. Well, lets’ start with good old Facebook. The site I like the least. How many times do you log on and it has to shove in your face that so and so are now in a relationship. You see in their home page they sometimes have a picture with themselves with the person they are with. Or they have to communicate with the person theyre with via Facebook on the wall post. What happened to their cell phones? In the past few months majority of the people that I know are either in a relationship, engaged or married. What happened…did I fall asleep and miss the bus?…again


The next thing is when you’re out with friends and you’re the rare single person in the group. Awkward…to make matters worse is when one of them says we need to find you someone and nothing happens. Or they plan on introducing you to someone and they don’t follow through. My advice, please don’t say a thing unless you’re actually going to go through with it. I recommend to those who are single not relying on any help from anyone. Sometimes they’ll follow through, but majority of the time you’re on your own.

Then there the regular everyday society, in your face, pointing out that your alone. You see couples all around you. This isn’t too so bad. But it’s the last kick in the balls to remind you that you’re by yourself. If the things above are already causing a bit of a stir then you’ll definitely going to see and notice every couple out there. You can’t help it. The single gnome is a having away at you. This is life. It’s never fair and is full of surprises. So if you’re by yourself and the single gnome is going to work. Stand up to it and if you want to change things then get out there do it yourself. Meet new people, try dating sites, go out more and socialize, join groups or clubs. You’re bound to meet someone. you just have to look. If your expecting the help from others. You’ll be waiting for a long time.


What’s your story? Are you affected by the single gnome? If you’re single what are the things around you that triggers it off?

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