Drive Thru Disasters


Don’t feeling like getting out of the car and standing inline to order your meal. What better way to get what you want then through the good old fashioned drive thru window. Mans greatest invention. Ok, I’m just kidding. But it is convenient at times when you just want to swoop in, grab your food and go. But then there are the odd times when convenience seems to be absent…


Why are most of us so lazy as human beings? We just can’t seem to get our fat asses out of the car, walk into the restaurant and just order or food. There are more people working inside to serve you. Not like the 1 person at the drive thru window. And inside I’m sure you can get your food much quicker that the drive thru. To most of us it just feels like a better idea to move bit by bit in your car, until you get to the speaker box, the pass the first window and then eventually get you meal and go. But is it worth it when the line has 10 cars in front of you?

Also don’t let some if the dual lane drive thru windows fool you. They eventually merge into one lane after you pass the speaker box. Oh and just a heads up, it’s the same single person covering both speaker boxes while taking orders. This all an illusion to make you feel that the line is short and moving faster. You will meet up again just further down.


But the worst of all is when the order doesn’t go smoothly. Here are 3 scenarios. First, we have the “Sorry sir, you will have to park on the side until your burger is ready”. So what do you have to do. Park on a side for say 5-10 minutes until one of the employees comes running with your food. Next we have the car in front who is just taking forever to pay and go. They could be fighting with an employee, being indecisive, or looking for change to pay for their meal. Finally, here is the worst of all. You drive off and an item is missing from your order. Sometimes we park and go inside to complain. But there are the few who turn back around and go right back to the drive thru window…

So for those who are out driving to satisfy their craving for fast food or just a coffee. Take a look at the drive thru lineup and if the line doesn’t look good. I suggest you go in for the walk in option. Because once you turn into that drive thru. There is no turning back and you maybe waiting there for a very long time and how convenient would that be? Just saying.


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