Oh the beautiful month of January…


After December and all the festivities that accompany it are over, January comes knocking. Well no, it doesn’t really knock. It slithers in stealthily, and it remains almost unnoticed until you look out the window and notice that all Christmas lights and decorations are down and there is nothing to look at but what seems to be decaying earth. Seriously though, there are two ways you can look at it.
First. It’s the most depressing month of the year. It is the middle of winter. The holidays are over and the next long weekend isn’t until February. It’s cold. It’s grey. You are at work before sun rises and you leave work as the sun sets. In other words – you see no sun. It seems like there is nothing to look forward to. All the perspectives seem bleak. Not to mention the giant winter coats, the boots that get destroyed by salt and the crowds of grumpy, coughing, snot spewing commuters. All this calls for the following conclusion – January sucks.
Second. Winter is half way over. The holidays are finally over and you don’t have to deal with never ending family gathering. You can start loosing the pounds you packed on by stuffing your face with various dishes your mother cooked especially for you. You can stop spending money on other people and actually buy things for yourself without second guessing. Or you can make that mortgage payment instead of buying presents for people. Also, the days are getting longer.You may catch two minutes of the sun before it completely sets on your way back home. And the minutes will only expand – every day it seems you see a little bit more sun. In only a few months you can shed all the over sized winter coats, trade in your obnoxious boots for a pair of comfy flats and pull your pasty legs out of your snow pants and into some nice shorts – for the whole world to see.
Personally, I have always looked at January the first way. However, my new year’s resolution was to be more positive, so I have decided to change my mind set and concentrate on the second way. It’s working so far and I like it. It makes me a much happier person. Even the grumpy commuters don’t bother me as much.
What’s your take on January?


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