The Walking Text-er


Safe2TextES_468x352Encountering them on a daily basis, we see the occasional pedestrian who seems to be walking either extra slow, not walking in a straight line or occasionally walking to an object. Is it the dead coming back to life? Is the world over as we know it? Why are these people walking with their heads down? They just end up walking into signs, doors and even other people. It’s not the dead, but the regular everyday breathing citizen walking and texting at the same time.

We are all guilty of it and I’m not here trying to tell people to stop texting and walking. It’s just annoying at times. Especially when they are walking 10 times slower than you and you have to maneuver around them on a busy side-walk. It almost feels like your playing football and you’re doing your best to dodge the defense. Except they’re looking in the wrong direction…

I’ve seen a video on the internet once of person not paying attention and texting. Next thing you know, they walk right into a fountian and fall into the water. So not only can it be annouying its dangerous at the same time. Or what if you walked into something even worse i.e moving traffic. You’ll definetly be part of the walking dead.


There are other ways to get your message across. You can call them, move to the side and text. You for those who have the iPhone, you could use SIRI and get it to type for you. But it’s hard sometimes when your on the go. But I will state that when I’m in a rush and I have a “text-walker” in the way. Dont expect me to ask you kindly move out of the way.


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