No More Simple CRT TVs


I love the new HD TVs coming out today. They are lighter, sleeker, sharper, and capable of doing much more. I can’t even imagine them getting better than this. But I’m sure it will and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the next few years. But there is just one problem. If you get a TV now it will probably be obsolete in a year or 2. Why? Well because the industry is just pumping out TVs capable of doing so much more so quickly.


The CRT tv was big, bulky and heavy. extremely heavy. It also had that high pitch when it was turned on. But on a positive note those TVs lasted forever. You also didn’t have to worry the industry releasing new styles of CRTs so quickly. If you got a one, it would be good for a long time.

Ever hooked up an old school video game console to a HD TV? It looks pretty bad. Games such as the NES Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer etc. Not to mention, if you liked playing games with the light gun, forget about it. The new TVs don’t allow you to play them and I’ll spare you from the technical details. Unless you have an old CRT sitting around, those old light gun games are just going to collect dust.


But now with the CRT long gone for most of us. We have a variety of HD TVs to choose from. We have 3D, LED, OLED, Plasma, LCD and so forth. I even hear that we will be seeing TVs that surpassing 1080p. Not really a surprise. Companies like Apple and Microsoft have hardware you can use to enhance your television experience. It’s crazy how far and fast TVs have moved since the old tube days. It’s nice, but I just wish it wasn’t changing so fast.



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