Another Video Game Crash On its Way?


CES has shown off a lot of the cool technology that will be heading to retail 9701475-cartoon-of-boy-playing-a-hand-held-computer-gamer-isolated-on-whitestores. But, what really got my attention is the new video game console heading to store shelves.  This unit coming is the Valve Steam Box console. Which looks really unique and has my attention. But with another console coming into the market will this teeter us closer to the 1982 video game crash? I don’t think so. Not to that level, but I believe the market has way to many gaming units available.

Right now we have Nintendo releasing the Wii U, even though the Wii is still on the market and has games being developed for it. Not to mention they have released their hand held how many times in the past number of years? There has been the DS, then DSi then the DSi XL. Now they’ve thrown in the 3DS and XL version. A little over kill don’t you think? It’s not like back in the day when they only had the Game Boy which lasted for quite a while.

Sony has the PS3, which took some time until sales began to pick up. Meanwhile they decided to jump into the hand held market which Nintendo has dominated from the beginning of time. The PSP, which had potential, but lost video-gamer-copyright3steam fairly early. Another victim of Nintendo. But who know a short time later the Vita, which was Sony’s next hand held unit came in to take over. With this unit…well I don’t really see much happening with this unit. I barley hear any new games being released for the Vita, as if the developers have ditched it and moved on.

The Smartphones are now players in the video game market. As we see so many games available for iOS. If you go the App Store, your flooded with so many games that are available to download.  Most of them are just pick up and play games, but they’re  there to cater to a new market of casual gamers. A very large market I might add, and the developers see this a huge opportunity to make profit.

Lastly, we have the PC gamers,  who we all know to well. This market is alive and well. Though some deem it as dead. Even though its much smaller than is was back in the day.  Before video game consoles took the lead. It’s another market game developers create games for.


The market is already cluttered with so many games, peripherals and gaming consoles available  for the consumer. Sales are slowing down, with the occasional blimp of a game crushing sales. Some say that the sales are slow because the current consoles are over 6 years old. This is true to some extent. But I think the volume of hardware and software available hurts it the most. The sales and  profits are to spread out over how many companies? Way to many. I think there will be a hit to the market and some players are going to fold. But a crash like in 1982? I don’t think so. There will be a major slow down. But gaming will never die.



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