I Support the Teachers.


If you live in Canada you’re probably following (at least somewhat) the dispute between Ontario teachers and the government. Well, since I have the ability to post on this blog I wanted to put my two cents in on the issue.
I’ve been reading a lot of comments posted by users on the various newspaper websites and most of them are pretty ridiculous. First of all, if you consider yourself to be a person whose opinion is worthy of being seen on the internet – learn to spell. How do you expect people to take your comments seriously when you can’t even express yourself adequately? But that’s a low blow, I suppose.

In any case. Here is my point. Everyone needs to get over the fact that teachers get paid more than an average worker. Please understand, the teachers are not protesting wages freezes. They are not protesting so that their wages can be increased. In fact, they agreed to a two year wage freeze when this whole thing begun. So stop concentrating on that. And if you want to get paid as much as the teachers do, I suggest you go to teacher’s college, get a job and then do what they do. You’ll get their wages too :). And please consider how much the government gets paid. The very people who are screwing the teachers get paid ridiculous amounts of money. Upon retirement, Broten will get paid something like $300,000 of severance pay or whatever you call that. Is that fair? Why doesn’t she take a wage freeze? In fact, I think a wage cut for people in her wage bracket would be more pertinent.
Also, McGuinty cannot give all these things to teachers (or anyone for that matter) and then take it all away. I got news for you, it doesn’t work that way. People will fight it. I’m pretty sure that if you got a diamond ring from your employer and then a month later they wanted it back, you would protest that request. It’s your ring now. Why should they have it back – it was given to you. Well same idea here.
Realistically, what’s going to happen next? They are taking away the rights of the teachers because it’s easy to make the public dislike them (they have high wages). But who is to say that they will stop at that. I mean, for all we know they will go and amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms next. So really, the teachers are doing you a favour by not allowing the government to be able to take all that power into their hands.
The province is having a hard time financially? I have a suggestion for ya, increase tax cuts for the rich. What a novel idea, I know. But laying people off and taking everything away from the public workers isn’t going to solve your problems. It’s a very short term solution.
Finally, I would like to point out that the teachers’ actions are controlled by the union. You want to know what teachers really think, why don’t you go talk to one?
There you have it. I blew some steam off. Maybe I will go protest with the teachers tomorrow to show my support.


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