Things that Need to Stop in 2013


The internet is full of funny, hilarious things that we can count on for a good laugh. Sometimes the amount of jokes/memes related to such things reach a critical mass, so much so that the joke has run its course and becomes so unfunny.

If you’re a college grad, think of when you were in high school; something would be funny, people would milk the joke dry, till such a point came when someone said it, you would roll your eyes in disgust.

Here now, I present to you, three things that I feel, are nearing critical internet humour mass, and thus we all need to take care not to saturate the internet’s funny market, lest they become the MySpace of internet humour.

1) Bacon – yes, bacon is delicious. It’s fatty, makes a juicy sizzling sound as it fries, and as a perfect balance of crunchy overfried fat, flanking soft, stretchy undercooked fat.

And people put it on WAY too many things now.

Go onto Imgur, type in “bacon”. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

ImageThe famous painting, “Starry Night”. Depicted in bacon. Oh I see, it’s in bacon.

ImageSo I should definitely enter your establishment, because of the bacon. Right.

ImageThat doesn’t even make sense. But, it depicts a hipster holding a cup of bacon. And it ends with “bacon” in a nonsensical way. So I should like this, yeah?


And if you’re YouTube savvy, you may be familiar with Epic Meal Time. The series depicts a bunch of guys that make over-the-top meals, with bacon. Oh I see, so I should laugh, because of all the bacon. Gotcha.

Everyone thought it would be funny if people put bacon on everything. Wanna know when I stopped laughing? When they actually put it on everything.

2) Zombies. Another form of “Let’s turn everything into this” phenomena that needs to end. Zombies were cool back in the early 2000’s, when they were an obscure part of entertainment. It was like a niche part of literature, film, and other entertainment forms that was cool to like – Dawn of the Dead 2004 was friggin’ awesome. Then the general public saw them and wanted to get in on the fun.

Fast forward to 2013. Zombies are everywhere.

plants-vs-zombiesThey fight plants.

Black-Ops-2-Zombies1They’re in Call of Duty games.

Jane_Austen_zombiesThey’re in Jane Austen novels.

3. Food porn: Who would’ve thought that a photo-sharing app would make everyone think their food connoiseurs. Take a look the most shared photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and I’m willing to bet you’ll see pictures of meals, cupcakes, brownies, and all sorts of stuff that people made and ate.

cupcakes Wow that looks fantastic. May I have one….no? So why the **** are you showing me?

bacon cupcake Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

It’s my hope that a new year, brings on new trends, that I’ll probably end up hating by the end of 2013. But for the three aforementioned trends, their time has come. I’ve reached the point where any mention or sight of any of the three leads to an annoyed eye-roll.

Stop. Now. Please.


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