Boot Camp Craze


devildog-cartoonWho’s ready to get fit and get into the best shape of your life!? Better yet! Why not get fit in only 60 days? Just in time for summer. All you need to do is just sign up now and go through the most gruelling drills in your life. If you haven’t noticed the boot camp crazy has been picking up steam. At least around my neck of the woods and this craze just comes right after the whole MMA craze. In my opinion it’s annoying as hell. Especially when you know people around you who’ve joined these and are trying to get you on board or just posting their workouts online.

Just to give you some back story, I did a combat sport for 10+ years at a competitive level. So I went through all the dieting, training and discipline. I decided that was enough and moved on. I did my time, I enjoyed it and it was time to move on. But it wasn’t easy staying in that physical condition. Now that I’m done I play recreation sports or go to the gym to stay in shape. Nothing intense or too demanding physically, but it keeps me active.


So the MMA comes in, which is fine. It doesn’t bother me at all since I can tune it out if I’m not up for watching it. I understand if you’re going to do a competitive sport that is very physically demanding then you need to diet, training and so forth. But why do it for fun? Why do these average joe’s need to go to a boot camp to get fit. Not just fit, but fit to level many of these athletes have to be. Also do you really want to be yelled at?


What’s wrong with joining a sport or going to the gym? If your out of shape or just average why do you want to go through all that pain and hard work? To be in the ultimate best shape of your life is just  glamorize. There’s no point, especially since you’re not doing a sport that requires it. I feel personally that many of them do it to get close to the physical condition of the competitive athlete. Makes them feel like they are part of that world. It’s not worth it and its hard to maintain.


Anyways, I’m seeing it way to much and it’s almost as annoying as seeing those guys with the MMA shirts on the streets. It’s nice to know you want to be in shape, but please don’t shove it in people’s faces. Most of us really couldn’t care less. Because we all know that in a few months, you’ll be back to your old physical condition or possibly lining up at your local fast food restaurant. Okay, I’m being mean. In my opinion if you’re not completing, do something else. Exercising shouldn’t be that painful. So find something that’s fun and enjoyable or close to it.


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