Internet Addiction


the_internet_65695The internet, a technology that many of us cherish, need and access everyday. Users are able to access information, read, play games, communicate and so forth. It definitely keeps us all connected into one giant web. But what if your internet provider has a hiccup and their system goes down for more than 5 minutes? Could you survive for hours or days without it? What if you don’t have your smart phone or computer with you to access the internet? Could you hang on to your sanity? Though many say that we are addicted to technology. I believe it’s the internet that is the true driving force for our addiction. If we can’t access it, we start to feel the withdrawals. We being to panic and wonder what we’re missing out on. What else can I do with my time? What a disaster.

Before the internet was available to the public use we did fine without it. Sure it was not as easy to get certain information such as the bus schedule or online banking. But it was still possible to do certain things, just not as convenient. The internet has made access to information so much more accessible, easier and of course faster. Before we had to wait until 5pm until the local news aired. Now as soon as something happens, within minutes millions of people hear about it. So that desire to feed ourselves with news/information needs to be there. Without it we begin to panic and feel left out.

Remember when you were younger you would go over to your friend place to play a video game. Now with the internet that has all changed. We all just play online with people all over the world. Now what if the internet provider did have an issue and you couldn’t play online? You just stare at the screen baffled, not knowing what to do. The convince of sitting at home and playing videos isn’t available and we begin to panic. I feel sorry for those World of Warcraft guys. They would be in a lot of trouble.

The internet is a wonderful tool to have. Its allowed us to do and access more things that were not as easy in the past. Now that its there many of us can’t ‘t live without it. They may even start to feel helplessness when access to the internet isn’t available. But try it out some time. It’s difficult but not impossible. You may even that life slows down a little as you become disconnected. Its a nice change of pace. But all in all this society is highly addicted to the wonderful world of the internet.


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