Online Dating, Speed Dating becoming more Common


online-dating-firstThe dating game, continues to change as we continue to see more new and inventive ways of meeting someone. Though some folks like to hold on to older and past traditional ways of meeting someone. Such as meeting someone in lounge/bar or through a mutual friend. In today’s society there is a boom of online dating and now speed dating. It’s not new at all and has been around for quiet some time. But now it’s everywhere you turn and more away from the older methods of looking for a mate.

There was a period where it was almost embarrassing to admit that you were using online dating. The fear of admitting it was that you were afraid of people thinking that you were hopeless. Online dating was almost seen as a last resort and that you were unable to pick up someone in real life. That stigma has definitely passed. Everywhere you go now either on or offline there is dating sites available for everyone. Not only that, but they now have dating sites for those seeking a mate with similar cultures, religions and so forth. Though all dating sites allow you to narrow down you preference. So it puzzles me a little why these are available.

There are positives of having these sites, especially for those now in the work force. Work can be time-consuming. With online dating, it allows you to search for someone when you have the free time. You are able to send messages back and forth. As well you are able to tell people a bit about yourself without being judge immediately when you encounter someone in person. The person on the other end can see what your interests are, what you do , like and it allows them to get a sense of what kind of person. All they need to do now is message you back, actually meet you and get to know you more in detail.

It’s a nice option and there are so many sites you can sign up. Depending on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay. But there is no shortage of them and let us not forget access to the sites are easy as there are mobile apps available on the go.


Well what about speed dating? It’s another interesting way to meet someone. Instead of going through pages of individuals online, leaving messages you can jump right into the frying pan. With speed dating you meet a number of people …let say 25 and you go through them with a window of 3 minutes per person asking questions and getting to know a tidbit about each other. At the end you mark down who you are interested in and you take it from there. Hopefully that person you marked down is interested in you as well.


So if your sick of waiting on your friends who continuously tell you they have someone they would like to introduce to you, but never do. Or you have friends that are with their significant other and left you in the dirt to fend for yourself or you just want to meet someone because you really want to be with in a relationship. There is nothing with trying these options. You just got to dive into it with an open mind and just have fun.


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