Existing Movie Sequels and Denial of its Existence


moviecartoonAWe all love movie sequels, no matter what decade. Many movie goers want to see their favorite actors reprise their old roles. With a continuation and expansion of the main story. This includes all movies, theatre or straight to video. This doesn’t even have to be a sequel after the first movie. It could be the 3rd or 4th installment. If the audience is enjoying it and asking for more, then the movie industry should go for it. Though there have been many franchises that have “the disastrous” sequel that just does not come even close to the audiences expectations. Or even worse, the sequels were so bad, many movie goers deny its existence.

We have the direct sequels after the first movie. Now this to me is the most challenging for a writer. They are faced with the question how do you top such a great movie. They need to look for a unique story, avoid straying away from the style of the first film, but yet be a little different and so on. This can be difficult so I don’t want to hound to much of the writer. But when they do mess up the sequel it can be disastrous. If it’s a big budget film the critics will have no mercy and don’t expect sympathy from the audience either. But to be honest I don’t expect direct sequels to top the first film. If it does, its rare. 


Now here is the worst possible scenarios after a bad sequel. It could be so bad that fans of the franchise deny the existence of the film. For example Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls, Lost Boys 2 and 3, American Pie (straight to video sequels) etc. Painful, but fact. There are fans that love the story so much that refuse to accept the sequel. Because it just ruins the whole story for them. However, the good news is that they will continue wait and hope for a good film to continue to franchise.


But here is the real slap in the face. The worst of the worst. Is when the film industry itself decides to end the series and reboot it from scratch. Why? Because it was that bad. But lately this has been happening with movies where they’ve released only 1 film i.e Green Lantern….

But I’m talking about sequels here. There has been many movies that have had the rest button hit because it had a bad sequal in the set. So does that mean we as well should deny it’s existence as well. If it’s that bad well why not…Spiderman 3


What I just don’t understand is why they continue to make straight to video sequels. Especially for movies that did really well in theatres. At that point your asking the fans to deny it. Straight to video is already screaming that it was so bad it couldn’t be shown in theatres.

Lastly we have the, what I call, the mild movie sequel deniers. These are the fans who are happy with just the one film and deny any others that come after it. This isn’t so bad, but they should at least check it out before kicking it in the dirt. However this is usually the case for older movies that has a sequel that pops up after 20 years.

Anyways love it or hate it there is going to be chance that your favorite movie franchise is going to have a sequel that’s going to fail or just do poorly. Just cross your fingers and hope that it doesn’t hit the dirt and cause a reboot to happen.


2 thoughts on “Existing Movie Sequels and Denial of its Existence

  1. I love how Eugene Levy is gunnin in out for all the American Pie sequels. My man is a trooper. He must be really hard up for cash these days…

    The new Batman movies are wickedly good. Even the second Batman movie with Michael Keaton is good. But, I know what you mean, the straight to video stuff sucks. It’s low budget stuff that’s gotta get put into a buy one get one bin fast. Otherwise, they’d be loosing money on em in the theaters.

    • The American Pie straight to vid was a waste. Its such a good series, might as well make 1 good movie. I agree too The second Batman with Michael Keaton was good, the other 2 that came after does not exist. Lol they were so bad I fell asleep while watching them

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