Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend…Is the Main Stream Media out of Stories?!


With so many real and important news stories taking place all over the world. It seem like the main stream media has decided to take a break. No surprise here. And discuss something that is really worthless and not worth covering at all. If you are wondering what I’m talking about here. It’s about Manti Te’o and his great hoax.


Just to give you an idea of what this is all about in case you haven’t tuned in to the news. He told press that his grandmother had pass and his girlfriend had died from leukemia. But eventually came out and told the press that his girlfriend didn’t exist. It was all made up as it was supposed to motivate him to play better. This seemed to shock football fans and I understand as you have sympathy for him as he has lost 2 important people in his life. But why is this making news everywhere?! Maybe some coverage is fine, since he looks like a complete jackass. People have imaginary friends and I don’t see any coverage. You know how many kids could be on television now talking about their invisible friend?

Why cant the main stream media actually report real news? Let’s see, there is the climate change going on in the world. The crisis going on in Africa, fraud, gas spills, scams, white-collar crime and stories going on locally etc. I could go one forever. Why aren’t we hearing real news. Isn’t that their job? What ever happened to investigated reporting. Very rare, but not seen enough.  Well at least they haven’t forgotten about giving us the weather forecast…


Just seeing what’s on the news these day’s there is no real reporting. Many of the mainstream media are all controlled and bought out by their corporate sponsors. Really sad. Thought there are alternatives to news online where you can find real news being reported. I suggest you take a look and find your news elsewhere if you feel that they don’t report anything relevant.

The other garbage that I see mostly from mainstream media is that they like to remind people of the most deadliest day in some sort of conflict. For example. “This is the highest casualties since October 5th 2010” or “This is the deadliest disaster since 2009”. They will continue to do this over and over to kept it fresh in our heads. But it’s getting old and its becoming noticeable.

At least online you won’t be bombarded by the Manti Te’o hoax, unless you look for it. But sometimes I feel that maybe they’re doing this so we forget of some the real news that may have slipped into our homes. This is just a way of getting us to forget about what is really going on in the world.

For Manti Te’o, all I have to say is good luck buddy. Hopefully you’ll find a real girlfriend and we will  see you in the NFL.

The real NFL.


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