Apple Fan Boys


Apple has a huge consumer market in today’s tech gadget world.  Apple known for the iPhone, iPad and other products are seen as very trendy that many people like to purchase. Though faced with other rival companies and hate from other consumers. It’ still tends to do very well and doesn’t seem to be slowing do too much. Apple has its regular consumers base who buy their products whenever they feel that they are in need of one. But there are the die hard fans who need to buy every single product released. An odd phenomenon? Let’s find out.

I introduce you to the Apple fan boy. They are the ones that purchase every gadget that is released. During a product launch we see long lines of customers waiting outside an Apple store. Many of them wanting to be the first to own the latest gadget. Even worse there are those who have last years model and want to switch it with the new one. They don’t need to do this as their current product is fine. But they have this desire or need to keep up to date with the latest hardware. Keep in mind that this purchases are not cheap at all. It costs a pretty penny to own one of these.


For example we have the iPhone. It’s released once a year and has a few tweaks to each new model. If you decide to hang on to your older iPhone, it can last for about 2 years. Before you start to see some slow down. But the fan boys will line up for hours and hours just to get their hands on the latest phone.


Many of them are young adults, who are right out of university. Also

This is not only in regards hardware. They are also very passionate about the operating system.


As a fan of Apple products I don’t want to come off as hating them. I love them, but I’m not a fan boy. However I’m close. I just don’t buy everything they release and I don’t change my iPhone every year. I will also never line up for a whole day to own something that they’re releasing.  But I own a number of Apple products. I just look forward to see what new and innovating ideas they come up with.

Are you an Apple fan boy?


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