Purse Dogs!

Her is Paris Hilton. The worlds worst role model, showing off her purse dog

Here is Paris Hilton. The worlds worst role model, showing off her purse dog

Dogs are one of the best companions you could ever have. They are just not pets, but they are like family. You take care of them and provide them with love and attention. There are even those who like to dress them up to make them look cute. But one thing that I see on a rare occasion is the purse dogs. I’m not talking about their size. It’s all about the these small dogs being placed into women’s handbags and carried around.  

I first saw this done on T.V a long time ago and thought it was ridiculous.  I thought the T.V networks did it as a joke making fun of prissy rich girls. I didn’t think people actually did that. Who would want to keep their dog in a purse? The idea just seemed ridiculous….

Now let’s fast forward into the future.


I was at the mall walking around in a department store just browsing. I turned to let a lady pass me and behold and little dog peaking outside this lady’s purse. It’s looked confused and wanting to escape the clutches of the handbag. The question of why was going through my head. I couldn’t help but stare and stare. This actually was getting me angry. Dogs aren’t supposed to be carried around in a purse?  It just doesn’t seem right. What was this lady thinking!

But that moment seemed to open the door to more incidents like this.  More often now I see small dogs not just being carried around in purses, but these small back packs aswell….That the owner wears in the front. Not only is it strange, it’s not an infant child. I just don’t get it.


Really what's going on here?

Really what’s going on here?


I love all dogs, but I like to keep it traditional and walk them with a leash. I would never carry a dog in a backpack. It’s just to strange. To me, animals need to be free to move around and not be restricted.  They just look unhappy and definitely uncomfortable.


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