Bikes vs Cars in the City


bike_lane_cartoonIf you drive a lot in the downtown core you are confronted with pedestrians, lots of traffic and the occasional detours and frustration. Driving in the city at times seems to be a bit ridiculous. It’s sometimes it’s so bad that walking actually maybe faster or just taking public transit. But now we have cyclists sharing the roads with cars. Many of them do this for the environment, as a better means to get around the city etc. With more of them appearing, both cyclists and cars need to co-exist. But at times it can be frustrating.

Why and how can this be frustrating?


It’s when cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road. I’ve seen some cyclists go right through red lights during the summer. Seeing that made me wonder if the cyclist even thought about being hit by a car. They were lucky that intersection wasn’t busy and it was early morning. But they need to take a little more precaution.

Other instances of close calls was a time where a few cyclists weaved through some cars moving really slow in traffic. Not only is it dangerous for them, but what about the driver? Yes the driver is protected by the metal of the car, but I’m talking about the shock drivers get when a cyclist whizzes by in front of their car. I almost jump and started to wonder what would have happened if I had hit them by accident.


One painful thing about driving is being stuck behind a bicyle and you have no oppurunity to go around them…


My last complaint is when drivers need to make a right hand turn. Your about to make that turn and someone on a bike comes riding along and does not even slow down. They ride straight through and almost collide with car. Now making those turns I have to triple check in case a bike comes flying down. However I have seen a few close calls where the cyclist started to hit the glass of the car as it was making the turn. Just because they felt the car should have waited. But maybe the driver didn’t see them? The cyclist just shouldn’t assume that the car is going to stop…you just never know.

I support more bikes in the downtown core and fewer cars. But if bikes are going to use the roads, they need to follow the rules of the road and take precaution.


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