The Joy of Public Transit

All aboard

All aboard

Taking the subway in the morning to work is fine, occasionally there’s a bit of a wait. Mostly because it’s winter and cold outside which can slow down the system. Then you have the other issue where they have some sort of mechanical problems. It’s just one of the crappy things about taking public transit. It’s that or I sit in traffic bumper to bumper on the roads. It’s pretty much a loose…loose situation.  If I was closer to work I would walk to take a bike, but that option doesn’t exist unfortunately due to distance.

But taking public transit has its entrainment occasionally. Personally I could do without it, I just want to get to work and go home. I do my best not to stare, but sometimes you just can’t help it. The things you just see on the, bus, street car or subway can just blow you mind away.

So what are some of the encounters?

weird-subway-people-25You have the people who just look very, very, very strange. They don’t have to do anything, but just look strange. Usually by their attire. You want to know if they are even aware of what they have on? They just seem to have a mishmash of odd clothing on or even the colours.

Another one that comes to memory are the Teens. Can’t stand them and they don’t shut up at all. I just roll my eyes and plug-in my ear phones and try to block them out. – Next

If you’ve read my previous posts I brought up the issues with strollers. When it’s crowded inside and you think to yourself. “There is no way they will fit anything in here”. Minutes later one of those minivan mutant size strolls makes its way inside. The parent(s) struggle to get in and get all angry to why it’s so crowded. You just stare and wonder why they couldn’t just own a small one. What’s up with the giant stroller? I’m sure the kid doesn’t care…


Then there’s the ones that talk so loud on their cell phones!

Let’s not forget about the ones that are just talking to themselves.

The last one is the comes to mind when a homeless person get inside. They smell really bad and they make their rounds asking people for money. My question is why didn’t you just save that money you spend to get on the subway and use it for something else?… Recently one got on the subway and I had to get out because I could smell them and they weren’t even that close. I just wanted to get work and not deal with crap like this….


So taking public transit has its benefits where you get to relax and get to your destination. However the downfall is all the entertainment that comes with it. I guess you just never win.

What are the strangest things you’ve seen on public transit. Let’s us know in the comments below.


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