Prenuptial Agreements…A Touchy Subject?


bf_prenupIf you are about to get married or not we’ve all heard of the prenuptial marriage agreement. The romance killer contract which I like to call, can be a bit touchy when mentioned to your partner who is not really a supporter of it. However, it something that a number of people support to protect their finances and asset that they have accumulated and risk loosing. Then there are others who like to stay away from it as it takes away the love and trust with their partner. Lets take a look at this in a bit more detail and see if this is indeed a romance killer.

I first heard of the prenuptial agreement was of course celebrities who seem to be getting married and divorced on a regular basis. I would hear, so and so would get married and a week later they were already filing for divorce. What was that about? I thought marriages lasted more that a few days or weeks…

On a side note when I hear a celebrity getting married I don’t even bother to listen to it or care. Why? Because the divorce clock for them is already ticking away. Also I feel that most of the marriages in Hollywood are just fabricated. Mostly they seem to do it to get into the spot light and fame.

If you are getting a prenup. Get ready to meet with your lawyer.

If you are getting a prenup. Get ready to meet with your lawyer.

So they sign the agreement to protect their assets. Probably because they knew that marriages amongst celebrities don’t last very long. As a result they want to protect their assets just in case things turn a little sour.

But I’m not here to talk about celebrity marriages. I’m here to discuss the everyday person who is with someone they want to marry. But has the prenuptial agreement floating around in there head, wondering if it’s a good idea to bring it up or even consider it. Doesn’t that make the other person feel that you don’t trust them? I have noticed that most of the people who I’ve asked how they feel about the prenuptial agreement. Well females to be specific. Are not to crazy about it and actually are a against it. It’s like what I said earlier it’s makes them feel that their partner doesn’t trust them and it’s a little insulting.

Do you think telling your partner will kill that romance? Do you really want to find out?

Do you think telling your partner will kill that romance? Do you really want to find out?

But here are just some of the pros that I found from having a prenuptial agreement:

  • Financial matters need to be faced.
  • The well being of children from a previous marriage can and will be protected by signing a prenuptial agreement.
  • It protects and preserve your family ties and inheritance.
  • Any business and/or personal assets that you have accumulated over time is protected.
  • You get to specify which assets are are to go to your child or other family members in case of death.
  • In case of a divorce occurring, the legal battles are eliminated over finances and assets.

Those were pretty much most of the pros of having one. Are you sold yet? Or do you still think that bringing it up to your partner is still not a great idea. Does it still seem like a romance killer and makes your marriage sounds like a contract rather that based on love. Well I saved the cons for you. So let’s take a look at the down falls of having one.

  • They are unromantic and makes your spouse feel that you don’t trust them
  • Failure to disclose all assets
  • Lack of trust between both partners
  • Possible resentments can occur between both partners
  • There is a feeling of a lack of a lifetime commitment to one another

    Love and trust keeps the spark alive. But what will a pernup do?

    Love and trust keeps the spark alive. But what will a pernup do?

When it comes down to it, I’m not a fan and just reading more about makes it sounds like you already don’t trust your partner. Unless you have a considerable amount of wealth it maybe understandable. But overall I would like to steer away from it. I want to be with someone I can trust and by going down the route of signing a prenup just kills the trust. As well you should trust the person you’re with otherwise don’t get married.

So what do you think, would you get a prenup? Is it really a romance killer in a relationship and would you want to be with someone who proposes a prenuptial agreement before getting married. It’s a interesting discussion. Let me know what you think.


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