Lazy Diet Plans

There's always room for ice cream

There’s always room for ice cream

When it comes to weight loss the most dreaded thing on most people’s list is dieting. Who really enjoys cutting out the food they enjoy most. Especially when it comes to fatty foods that you can’t help but enjoy. Humans love food, some live to eat others just eat to live. So what do you fall under? Regardless, cutting weight is something that you need to be disciplined for as your mind and stomach fight back on occasion . It’s a difficult war, but can be won. With obstacles in front of you daily, it takes a bit of strategy to just walk past a restaurant without having to go inside for a quick bit. The after effects? Well you’ll have many thoughts going through your mind. Such as guilt, working it off later and being disgusted with yourself. Then there are the few moments when you just don’t care and feel great.

What can be really annoying are the people who are on the continuous diet that never seems to end. You hear them start off where they seem to be somewhat dedicated. Though, you are just trusting them based on what they are tell you. But they seem to look the same. A year goes by and you notice when you visit them or even go out to eat they order food that’s note beneficial to their diet.

Healthy_Diet_PyramidNow I understand we need our splurge days. I’m all for it, but not when the splurge days are 6-7 days a week. The best part is when you are out with a group of friends. The person who is supposedly be dieting has their face in indulged in a poutine and they state while eating “I’m on a diet”. How is that possible? I’m sure they know they’re full of it, but come on, you’ve been saying it for over a year and you’re still the same. Unfortunately these people exist and you just have the watch them go on the McDiet. Hoping that the fat will eat itself and they will become magically slim again.

The last group of dieters are the ones I call ‘The dieters from Christmas Past“. Has nothing to do with Christmas, but let me explain. They used to be in shape, but they’ve got a little bigger or just big over time. They can’t seem to understand how come they can’t lose the weight. They go on these odd diets where they only eat half of what they normally eat, eat a big lunch and stop for the rest of the day, try one of those extreme diet gimmicks that are only temporary. Unfortunately you need to change your eating habits and work out. You need a balance of both. Dieting alone does not just work.thCATJ3X2J

I love it when they tell me instead of 3 potatoes, they had only 2. Sorry, but you need to change your lifestyle and start substituting certain foods. Do a little research and as we age our diets may need to be tweaked. You need to plan it and do some homework. As well you may need to see a doctor/specialist if you require additional help. You can’t just change on the fly. It’s not a best strategy.

People who start diets and are very vocal about it can be a little annoying. But nothing is worse when they’re vocal about it but do the opposite or can’t figure out why they can’t lose any weight. On a side not PLEASE DON”T tell me you’ve getting heavier and you’ve only put on 2 pounds. Come back to me when you hit 10 lbs. Then we’ll talk.


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