Snow Days


cartoon_kid_in_snowWinter is not my favorite time of the year, but I don’t completely hate it. It’s just really limiting on what you can and can’t do. Preferably going outside and feeling the warm sun against your skin is much more preferable. With Winter, you have to deal with ice-cold wind, heavy snow, more transit delays, and tons of salt covering the roads and sideways. Not to mention it gets all over your clothes and everything else. But if you live in regions where you get hit with old man winter there is one thing that we all enjoyed as children. Is having a snow day and having school cancelled. It’s probably one of the best things you can experience when you’re in elementary school. It does happen in high school as well, but not as often in post secondary school. Where it’s more hit or miss if the professor will cancel classes. When you reach adulthood and move into the work force, snow days don’t really exist. Sometimes if there’s a snow fall warning, you may still have to haul yourself to work regardless of the weather.

I have a bone to pick with this. When there is a major snow storm hitting the city and you make it to work, you’ll notice the office pretty emptycome-to-barbados. Staying home I believe is the smartest thing to do as it could be difficult or even hazardous to travel to work. As you don’t know what kind of obstacles you may face on your way to your job.

What is really annoying is when you make it to the office and there is just a few of you in.

What a waste of time. Nothing really gets done. Why don’t they just close the office?

!I’m sure they were expecting a low turn out. What can really make you mad is that there are some people who are able to work from home. While you just hauled yourself through a brutal commute just to get into the office. How unfair is that? But unfortunately that’s the reality. For a business to shut down for a day will cost them money. So they will milk out whatever they can to make money. There is one positive to this, is that your manager or boss may impressed that you made it in. Though deep down your really wishing you where not in.


What I do miss are snow days. It was something to look forward to when mother nature decided to punish you with -30C weather and 2 meters of snow. (A little over the top, but you get what I mean). You get to relax and home and avoid the chaos happening outside. You may have to go outside and shovel if you live in a house. But at least you know your not outside dealing with the harsh commute. Who really wants to be stuck out there.

But now as adults in the work force most of us can only just reminisce about those days. Right now, I just can’t wait until the winter is over and summer starts to make its way.


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