The Big City Rush


Rush-hourYou know what kind of bugs me about big cities like Toronto or New York? Everyone is always rushing somewhere. In the morning people are rushing to work, in the afternoon people are rushing home. They got their heads down and with purses, briefcases, and lunch bags tightly clutched people book it to the bus stop, then from the bus to the subway train, and from there to work. No one seems to take any interest in their surroundings. Just because you have taken the same route to work for the past however many years doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything new or interesting to see.

I think that if people slowed down a little and lifted their heads they might discover some beautiful things. Like the gargoyles on the corner of the building that you have always passed but never looked up at. Or maybe you have passed the homeless man that has a dog with really sad eyes that sits at the entrance to the subway, maybe you mindlessly dropped your change from the morning coffee into his hat. But you never bothered to see that he has a bag full of paints and rolled up canvas. He is an artist. He creates beauty but lives in ugliness. Maybe next time you will put some dog treats in your purse so that you will have something to give to his loyal companion. Maybe you will even ask him about his art, maybe you will be lucky enough to see his beautiful works and with that bring some positivity into his life as well.
But the problem too, I think, is that when we slow down even for a second the crowd picks up back up and carries us with its current. Or worse, someone swears at us for slowing them down. But maybe we can start a movement. Maybe if more people decide to slow down so that they look for beauty in the ordinary life will become a little more interesting, a little more worth living. And then maybe the movement will spark a revolution and instead of the person slowing down, it will be the person rushing with their head down who will get scolded.
Beauty is everywhere, all you have to do is look.


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