Happy…Stressful Valentines Day


With 1 day left until Valentines day there are lots of couples running around trying to find thatValentinesDay special gift to give to their partner. This day is to me is considered as post-Christmas Day as there is a small spike in the stress levels in these individuals. It’s a nice day, if you don’t take it to seriously. Keeping it simple and sweet is definitely recommended, but it’s a little difficult when you have corporations stuffing down ideas down your throat. Thus creating an artificial sense of pressure.

 Let’s go back in time for a bit.

Yes you can create that imaginary waves in your mind as your go back to the days when you were just a kid.

If you were in grade school and gave valentines day out to your class mates, it was simple, easy and fun at the time. There was no pressure and no expectations. You would receive cards back and the day would really fun for everyone.


Get a bit older, there’s a little more expectation. If you’re a guy it must have been a little difficult as you had to borrow money from your parents. Next you sometimes had to top whatever your friend was doing for his girlfriend.  It can get worse as your girlfriend may compare your gift to one of her female friends. Creating more pressure.

It should get easier as an adult, however it all depends on you at this point. You can just take it easy, keep it simple and take you partner out for a nice dinner for example. If you want to get them something small go for it. Like I said it all up to you. By the way you should always show them that you care and not rely on this single day to show it. It all comes down to how much time and money you want to put in.


This is definitely a cash grab for retail stores. Through ads they are able to create this artificial sense of pressure. You get ideas and start to believe that you need to get the best gift to make your partner happy. Right after Christmas you start to see retail stores have Valentines Day items for sale. Signs jump in your face with big red hearts. You turn left or right you can’t avoid it. It’s on the internet, TV, radio, you name it it’s probably there.

Is there any holiday or special day in the year that these big businesses don’t try to take it over? It really doesn’t get easier as an adult. But if you and your partner don’t really care for this day and keep things simple, you’ve already cut out the stress. If you also do your best to dodge the ads that’s already a positive step. Do what you want to do and don’t feel pressured from what these retail stores put in your head.

All I can think of is the simple days when you just gave cards out to your classmates, had a good time and went home. There is just so much more expectations as you get older.

I don’t hate this day. I actually like as it’s a time to enjoy yourself with the person you care for. I just don’t like how big businesses make it stressful. After all that holiday stress that we got to experience back in December do you really want to go through that all over again? Anyways Happy Valentines Day folks.


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