Biggest Turn Offs


sasquatchWe all have our own personal preferences when it comes things like physical appearances. If you’re passing by an individual or scrolling through profile pictures on an online dating site, there are certain things that can just instantly turn you off. If you don’t notice it firsthand you may see it when you are face to face with them. It sounds petty, but it exists. It’s just how we are- there are just thing we like and dislike. So what are the most common things that may turn us off? Well let’s see what we can find out on the intranets.

This is in no particular order and these are the only ones I selected randomly as I’m sure there are a lot more out there.

Hairy-BackFirstly we have hair.

Now depending where and how much, hair can be an instant turn off or deal breaker. For us guys some girls can’t stand if we have too much facial hair, chest hair etc. It can be a little rough to the touch or sometimes girls just don’t find it appealing. Sometimes, they may even cringe when hair starts to pop out from the front of our chest. Sorry the 1970’s are over. Yes the moustache was also a complaint to some. Another one that’s kind of huge is nose hair. If you have the misfortune of having unruly, long nose hairs – TRIM it. No one wants that waving hello at them during a conversation.

And long hair on guys. Just no. Very simply – no. Over all hair was a pretty popular issue for both genders.

Hands and teeth

Hands was a surprising one. Well sort of. It can be from dry hands to chubby fingers and yellow and cracking nails. I even read on some posts that some guys disliked long nails. Press on and slightly curly finger nails were a deal breaker. Not to forget yellowish teeth or poor hygiene in general are a huge no-no . I can definitely agree with that.

wonder-woman_1434457iFor males, many of them did not like muscular females. I’m assuming they are referring to the ones who body build and would probably bench press their partner.

Another one, and this is mostly for girls, are guys that have feminine looking behinds. No girls wants a boyfriend whose derrier is rounder or bigger than hers. It’s just weird.

So these were just some that we selected. What are some of your turn offs? Let us know in the comments below.


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